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Inveray Polyshape Clear 30ml

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PolyShape System 30 g 

The PolyShape System is an innovative acrylic gel with a 12-free-of formula that 
combines the durability of acrylic with the flexibility of gel. Designed for all types of nail 
plates, it excels in the hardening of the natural nail plate, extension, reconstruction, and 
correction of nails growing downward. PolyShape is the perfect solution for constructing 
a French manicure and achieving extreme extensions, as its hardness maintains the 
desired shape e ectively. 
Thanks to its appropriately dense, non-self-leveling consistency, PolyShape is excellent 
for extending all nails simultaneously, providing full control over the application. It works 
seamlessly with both Inveray PolyShape upper forms and traditional paper forms. Using 
the dedicated brush and PolyShape liquid ensures e icient and rapid attainment of the 
desired shape for extended nails. PolyShape acrylic gels have a reduced polymerization 
temperature, so there is minimal to no sensation of burning during curing process when 
applied to a healthy and heat-insensitive nail plate. 
For maximum styling durability, it is recommended to perform a wipe with PolyShape 
Base Coat before applying the acrylic gel. 

PolyShape Base Coat 

The world's only professional PolyShape  Base Coat enriched with biotin, proteins and 
vitamin E specifically designed for the PolyShape system, enhances the durability of 
manicures using acrylic gel. The Base aims to provide excellent adhesion for 
subsequent layers while protecting the nail plate from pigmentation in acrylic gels, as 
well as preventing micro-damage or air entrapment in the styling. The 12-free-of formula 
eliminates commonly used allergens and irritants. PolyShape Base Coat is flexible, 
collaborates seamlessly with the nail plate, and, thanks to its appropriate consistency 
and self-leveling formula, does not run onto the cuticles. 
How to apply:  
Apply thin layer of PolyShape Base Coat. To increase the durability of stylization, perform 
a rubbing motion. This short back and forth movement, starting from the free edge, 
moving towards the skins is much more e icient compared to a single move. 

PolyShape liquid  

PolyShape Liquid is a professional solution designed for the PolyShape system. It 
enables precise distribution and modeling of acrylic gel on the nail surface and 
upper/lower extension form. With PolyShape Liquid, achieving the desired shape for 
extended nails and achieving perfect smoothness becomes e ortless. 

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